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I help my clients to work on the following issues:
To release problems associated with teeth, jaw, and face
  • For Adults
    1. Teeth grinding (bruxism)
    2. Clicking on the Temporomandibular Joint
    3. Snoring and sleep apnea
    4. Orthodontic problems (malocclusion) or relapse after orthodontic treatment, tongue thrust
    5. Difficulty chewing/swallowing food
    6. Pain and/or noise in the ears
    7. Headaches, migraines
    8. Mouth breathing
    9. Muscle tension on face, neck, back, shoulder
    10. Early wrinkles
  • For Kids
    1. Snoring, bruxism
    2. Sleep disturbance
    3. Improper breathing, mouth breathing
    4. Difficulties with the pronunciation of letters such as B, D, T, S, R, L, tongue thrust
    5. Malocclusion
    6. Enuresis at nights
    7. Headaches
    8. Earaches
    9. Hyperactivity
    10. Improper posture
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Entrust your health to a professional
Neuro-Dental coach and consultant Oxana Ali, (Montreal, Canada)
  • Diploma in Dentistry, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Diploma in Dental Hygiene, RDH, Quebec, Canada
  • Certificate in Myofunctional Therapy, Quebec, Canada
  • Course "Basic knowledge of kinesiology and biomechanics", Ukraine/Russia/Germany
  • Introductory Training in Metacognitive Programming, Toronto, Canada
  • Course "Face fitness", Moscow, Russia
  • Course "Breathing techniques, conscious breathing", St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Course "Psychosomatics", Moscow, Russia
  • Course "Neurographica", Moscow, Russia
  • Basic course "Introduction to Fundamentals of Psychology", Ukraine
  • Certificate "Neuro-numerology", Moscow, Russia
  • More than 5 years of practice
  • Spoken languages: French, English, and Russian.
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Human genes are able to be activated and deactivated through beliefs, emotions, and attitudes
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Let me ask you: How well do you sleep? Is your sleep adequate?

There is no doubt that brain health greatly influences a person's behavior as well as their intelligence. People's mental, physical, and emotional health all depend on how well they sleep at night.
Getting enough sleep allows our brains, minds, and bodies to rest and recover.
Helping you change your habits and take better care of yourself will be beneficial to you.
— Oxana Ali, Neuro-Dental and Oro-myofunctional Consultant
How do I work?
Fill up our Questionnaire
In order to recognize effectively the reason, please fill up the short Questionnaire at the link below. The individual approach is used to implement it in your life.
A 30-minute Consultation
When you give more detailed information about the situation and may ask questions, which we answer shortly and provide you with some practical tools. Then you will decide if it works for you and wish to continue.
Individual work
The unique combination of Oxana Ali's deep knowledge with practical experience help to find “special key “for your situation to be solved.
During my studies at university, I have been fascinated by holistic health, well-being, and how our teeth, jaws, tongue, and facial muscles are connected to our whole body.
As a result of this interest, I became passionate about researching and deeply investigating craniofacial development, airway, sleep, and breathing dysfunctions, which have an impact on our overall health.
I have also found that problems with our physical, symptomatic nature often result from deep causes, including genetics as well as unconsciously produced by our internal state and unlived emotions. As soon as we recognize and understand the root of the issue, accept it, and begin to take action to solve it, the symptoms gradually disappear.
There are many aspects to my approach, which make it unique.
My goal is to create a solution that doesn't require pills.
I welcome you if my method and point of view interest you and resonate with you.
— Oxana Ali, Neuro-Dental and Oro-myofunctional Consultant
Take care of yourself now and fill the world with love

" My logo is a symbol of everything I believe in, and I am able to incorporate all of my knowledge into one methodology and technique, so I can approach everyone individually and use a systematic approach to solve health problems. My logo displays all my concepts when details complete the overall image perfectly.
There is a sphere around a tree that represents the Earth, the world we live in. For me, a tree is like a person himself at a certain time, which changes, flows, and can be changed.
The roots of a tree like the roots of teeth are a connection with the family. And therefore, our DNA.
In our unique organism, we are united with everyone and everything, ourselves, all systems and organs, into one single universal complex.
As soon as there is an emotional disturbance in the system, it becomes imbalanced, which manifests later on a physical level.
It is therefore my logo displays my expertise and passion for what I do, which means that my main duty, as well as yours, is to restore your overall health and bring it to harmony. "

— Yours cordially, Oxana Ali

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